Keeping your cost of vehicle ownership low during the entire lifecycle of your vehicle


We are a relationship company. Most of our customers have returned to buy all of their vehicles from us and referred their best friends and family members to us.

We  help you throughout the ownership of your vehicle  with solutions for keeping your total cost of ownership low. 


We support our customer throughout the ownership of your vehicle:


When you buy your car through Carpenter and Associates, we don't only help you identify the best vehicle to meet your needs and your budget, we also help advise you on the best financing or leasing options, help you avoid high pressure tactics dealers use to extract the highest profit margins on your purchase, provide you with creative vehicle trade-in solutions, and assist you with lower-cost maintenance solutions throughout the ownership of your vehicle. We carry the proper license, bond, and insurance to perform these vehicle services.


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Carpenter And Associates was founded and is operated by Dan Carpenter.  A self-proclaimed "car guy ", Dan started Carpenter and Associates after retiring as Sr. Vice President of a large retail bank to pursue his passion...buying and selling cars.  He worked for a few years at a car dealership and realized he enjoyed most being an advocate for the buyer.  Having learned in his prior careers all the ways dealers and banks extract maximum profits from the consumer, he decided to level the playing field and go to work for you.  This is your car company and Dan is your personal car purchasing and selling concierge. 


Your Car 

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